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YouTube Comes Back to Echo Show, Sort Of

After the Echo Show was released, Google quickly revoked access to YouTube for Alexa users. Over the years, Google has been very stingy about access to its video service. Microsoft mobile users are very aware of Google’s draconian YouTube tactics. An official YouTube app was never available throughout the life of Windows Phone devices.

At the time access was revoked, Google said…

Amazon’s implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show violates our terms of service, creating a broken user experience.

And, while that was not really the case, Google held to its decision.

Today, YouTube is back for Echo Show users, but not in the original, integrated form. Instead, Echo Show users can access YouTube, but through a browser window.


Its not without a bit of pain, though. For example, users aren’t able to maximize a YouTube video without touching the screen. It is possible, however, to say, “Alexa, search YouTube for <insert title here>” and have the old-type screen show up so voice commands can be used to sift through results. Interestingly, its not Google that supplies the search results – but Bing.

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