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Yes, Even IBM’s Own Processors are Vulnerable

With all the hubbub around the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilities for Intel, AMD, and ARM, IBM has also taken time to consider its own self-manufactured chips – and found them wanting. And, just like everyone else, both a software and a firmware patch are required to mitigate the issue of hackers being able to steal data.

Per IBM…

  • Firmware patches for POWER7+ and POWER8 platforms are now available via FixCentral. POWER9 patches will be available on January 15. We will provide further communication on supported generations prior to POWER7+ including firmware patches and availability.
  • Linux operating systems patches are now available through our Linux distribution partners Redhat, SUSE and Canonical.
  • AIX and IBM i operating system patches will be available February 12. Information will be available via PSIRT.


Details: Potential Impact on Processors in the POWER family

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