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Windows Server 2008: Using ServerManagerCmd.exe to duplicate Roles and Features

The other day I was configuring a Windows Server 2008 VM in order to host a standalone SCOM 2007 R2 server with all roles. While installing prerequisites I remembered of the ServerManagerCmd command-line utility which can be used to query and install roles and features on Windows Server 2008. I started to play with it in order to automate future installations and discovered that it was possible to query the list of roles and to export it to an XML file. As the utility is also able to install roles using a XML response file I thought it could use the one I previously exported and… horror ! The –query and –inputpath parameters doesn’t use the same format of xml file. That’s why I wrote this script that converts the result of a query in a format useable for import.



Unzip the vbs script and launch it. It will generate an Input.xml file that can be used in the “ServerManagerCmd.exe –inputpath Input.xml” command.

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