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Windows as a service AMA: 60-day Support Grace Period Eliminated

What started as an idea that Windows 10 would receive new features constantly, Microsoft has since drawn back on that original promise for Windows 10. The company recently announced that Windows 10 will receive two predictable, major feature upgrade updates per year. Those updates will happen in March and September. Microsoft is also working to align Office 365 with this same update schedule.

A question posed during the Windows as a Service AMA on May 4, asks about the 60-day grace period offered at the end of the support lifecycle.

Michael Niehaus, Microsoft marketing PM answered

The 60-day grace period was necessary when the end date was less predictable. With the changes to a predictable release schedule and a fixed support duration, there’s no need for this any more. (Effectively, the 60 days is already included in the 18 months.)


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