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Deploying Windows 8 with SCCM 2012 SP1 beta

Hi All,

another step-by-step, but this time is deploying Windows 8 (I’m using Enterprise x64) with SCCM 2012 SP1 Beta.

To Start, copy the Windows 8 DVD file to a place where the Server can access and share the folder. I’m using D:\Source$\Windows 8 Enterprise x64 and the share is Source$. I’m using vmware workstation 9, and i don’t need to worry about drivers at this point in time 🙂

it is also expected that you have enabled PXE on DP and enabled support for unknown computers… is time to start

1. Open CM12 console and navigate to Software Library->Operating Systems->Boot Images

2. Select the Boot image (x64) and click properties

3. Go to datasource tab and make sure “Deploy this boot image from the pxe-enabled distribution point” is selected

4. Back to the console, click distribute content

5. On General, click next

6. On Content Destination, select the Distribution Point and click next

7. On summary, click next

8. On completion, click close

9. On the summary page, confirm that the content status show success

10. Repeat the process for the Boot image (x86)
11. navigate to Software Library->Operating Systems->Operating System Images

12. Click Add Operating System Image

13. On Data source, navigate to install.wim file and click Next

14. On General page, click next

15. On Summary, click Next

16. On Completion, click Close

17. Select the Windows 8 Enterprise and click Distribute Content

18. On General, click Next

19. On Content Destination, add the DP and click Next

20. On Summary, click Next

21. On Completion, click Close

22. On the summary page, confirm that the content status show success

23. navigate to Software Library->Operating Systems->Task Sequences

24. Click Create Task sequence

25. On Create new task sequence, click Next

26. On Task sequence Information, add a name and select the boot image. On my case, I selected the x64 because the Windows 8 is x64

27. On Install Windows, select the package we imported previously, remove configure task sequence for use with bitlocker and click next

28. On Configure network, configure the network. In this example we’ll be adding this machine to a domain

29. On Install the Configuration Manager Client, click Next

30. On Configure state migration, you can remove all as this will not apply in this case

31. Include software updates, click next

32. Install applications, add all application you want click Next

33. Confirm the settings, click next

34. Completion, click close

35. Select the Deploy Windows 8 task sequence and select Deploy

36. On Specify general information for this deployment, select collection all unknown computers and click next

37. On Deployment Settings, select Make available to the following: Only media and PXE and click next

38. On Scheduling, click next

39. On User experience, click next

40. On alerts, click next

41. On distribution point, click next

42. On summary, click next

43. On completion, click close

44. Boot the computer on windows pe and when requested, press F12

45. On the welcome to the task sequence wizard, click next

46. On Select a task sequence to run, click Next

47. Task sequence will start

48. After couple of reboots, you’ll get this:

49. navigate to Assets and Compliance->Devices and you’ll see the new machine

Different from previous versions, using the default wim file won’t install windows to the D drive, it will install on C drive…

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