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Windows 10 S will not Run Linux

Despite Microsoft announcing that Windows 10 S will only run apps that are provided in the Windows Store (essentially UWP apps) and then announcing that Linux distros will be available in the Windows Store – DOES NOT  mean that Windows 10 S will run Linux.

Microsoft made sure to answer that question today in a blog post called: Will Linux distros run on Windows 10 S?

In fact, the company made and emphatic “NO” (well, as much as one can be emphatic in a blog post), and then went on to explain why.

There are some apps that are not allowed to run on Windows 10 S, including all command-line apps, shells and Consoles.

Essentially, as Microsoft explains it, Windows 10 S is for non-technical users and not intended for developers/hackers, admins & IT pro’s.


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