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Windows 10

Windows 10 Readiness: Issues and Upgrades

One of the perks of working for a technology company like 1E is having a lot of really smart co-workers. Like engineers of all persuasions everywhere, they do not like having a problem without an answer. They dig and dig until the truth is revealed!

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Ed is a 9-yr employee at 1E, working  8 of them in the pre-sales role as a Solutions Engineer, and the last as 1E’s Technology Enablement Lead. Working with the Business Development Team. He is also a 13 year Microsoft Enterprise Client Management MVP, multiple Industry Expert invited speaker at the Microsoft Management Summit series, and was a User Group founder and leader for many years. Ed is a founding member of, and still sits as, an Advisory Committee member supporting, the myITForum Systems Management community. He has been known to spend some time behind the wheel of his 475bhp 2010 Camaro, always cruising at or below the posted speed limit at all times of course! Ed, along with his wife MaryAnn and their three dogs are permanent residents of Prudence Island, RI.

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