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Windows 10

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16226 Removes SMBv1, Adds Hyper-V VM Sharing

Late on Wednesday, Microsoft released its latest Insider preview build of Windows 10. Build 16226 introduces a large list of updates, new features, and enhancements. Microsoft goes into great detail about it in the accompanying blog post.

As has been the case, Microsoft spends a lot of time extolling new features (Emojis – ugh) that may seem superficial to business users.

One of the key updates for businesses follows a recently announced strategy to remove SMBv1 from Windows 10. This build is the first where SMBv1 will not be installed by default.

  • All Home and Professional editions now have the SMB1 server component uninstalled by default. The SMB1 client remains installed. This means you can connect to devices from Windows 10 using SMB1, but nothing can connect to Windows 10 using SMB1. We still recommend you uninstall SMB1 if you are not using it. In a later feature update of Windows 10, we may uninstall SMB1 client if we detect that you are not using it.
  • All Enterprise and Education editions have SMB1 totally uninstalled by default.
  • The removal of SMB1 means the removal of the legacy Computer Browser service. The Computer Browser depends exclusively on SMB1 and cannot function without it.


Extra: Test Now: SMBv1 Will be Deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Additionally, Microsoft has added a new feature that can be used to share VMs using Hyper-V.

Share your VMs with ease with the new VM Sharing feature! On today’s build you’ll find a new icon in Virtual Machine Connection that will compress your VM into a “.vmcz” file. Double click this file on your destination machine to start importing the VM – easy as that!

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