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Windows 10

Windows 10 Creators Update’s Virtual Machine Quick Create and Memory Allocation Changes in Hyper-V

One of the new features introduced in Build 15002 of Windows 10 is the ability to quickly create virtual machines using an enhanced Hyper-V Manager feature.

Still a work in progress, Microsoft says…

Hyper-V Manager has a new page that makes it faster and easier to create virtual machines. Just open Hyper-V Manager and click ‘Quick Create’. The simple wizard will help you set up a VM in just a few clicks. After the virtual machine has been created, the confirmation page will allow you to connect to it or enter advanced settings.

Additionally, Build 15002 changes how memory is allocated for virtual machines. With these changes, Hyper-V starts allocating memory in small chunks (to give the operating system a chance to trim memory from other applications) and will use all available memory (no root reserve). 

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