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Win a SCCM Guru T-shirt just by participating at myITforum next week!

Next week only we’re bumping up the Community Point value for when you make comments on articles and blogs posts.  Normally, the value is 5 Community Points, but we’re bumping it up to 25 Community Points just for next week (January 9th – 13th).

At the end of the week, we’ll tally up your hard-earned points and select the top two commenters for the week and award a SCCM Guru T-shirt.

Not sure how many Community Points you have now or want to keep track next week?  Do this:

Check your Community Point Tally

Rev up your thoughts and ideas for comments and get ready!

One happy SCCM Guru T-shirt owner!

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The myITforum Admin is a regular member and author of myITforum. In addition, he is constantly watching and monitoring the community for potential IT superheroes.


  1. Hi ! – Again – This is applicable ONLY for the base location US 🙂 Or all around the world?

    Anoop C

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