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WiFi Power Strips with Alexa Integration

Alexa capabilities keep showing up in the strangest places to help customers develop their smart home strategy. Up until now, you could plug a single appliance or item into a single socket. We’ve talked about these before and they work great. Here’s one from Oittm, and one from D-Link.

One of the new popular areas is for power strips. With the Alexa integration, one can use voice commands to remotely control each available power port.

The latest power strips are WiFi enabled and just like the single socket smart plugs, they also require their own app (but, don’t require a smart hub). Here’s a few we’re currently testing…

Weton WiFi Smart Power Strip Socket with Alexa ($32)

KMC 4-Outlet Wi-Fi Surge Protector ($30)

Wowfeel Wifi Smart Power Strip ($30)

Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet & 4 USB Surge Protector ($40)

Stay tuned for full reviews.


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