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When should you have multiple primary sites in ConfigMgr 2012?

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D.C. Tardy has a great post that covers some of the big changes for ConfigMgr 2012 around hierarchies. Some of the reasons we created multiple primaries in ConfigMgr 2007 are no longed needed for 2012. 

Read the full post here.

Here is a snippet from his post:

“What has changed in Configuration Manager?” This is one of the first questions people ask me when talking about the next release. That is a VERY big question to answer and I don’t intend to answer it all right here. After all, there is product documentation. And I know that everyone reads the documentation, right?

Even if you have read the documentation, I wanted to give you the “skinny” on what to expect with changes regarding primary site servers – which is a rather drastic difference from what you had in Configuration Manager 2007. Biggest changes:

  • No ability to tier primary site servers – they are only peers in a hierarchy
  • No need deploy a primary site server to support different settings, policy, and administrative control
  • No need to tier for content routing

Ok, now that I have piqued your interest (or raised your blood pressure), understand that this is all part of reducing infrastructure management requirements. In other words, making your life much easier. So what can the primary site server do now?

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