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What to Expect at Microsoft Ignite

Every year at the Microsoft Ignite Conference, people from all over the globe convene to explore the latest in tech, network with experts and MVPs, and experience a world of knowledge beyond their day-to-day. Industry leaders provide live demos on products and showcase their skills in the latest and greatest. As an attendee, you’re akin to a kid in a candy store: Everything you want is at your fingertips, and you can get all of your questions answered from the people who actually built the products you use. Plus, there’s tons of swag.

This year, 1E is attending with aims to make an even bigger impact than ever before. By showcasing the 1E Windows Servicing Suite, Tachyon, and AppClarity, 1E shows you how you can embrace constant change with automation so that the management process becomes business as usual. Our stance on the current trends in the industry is clear: In order to keep up, remain safe and move forward, you have to #StayCurrent.


We recognize that enterprises are struggling to understand the steps they need to take to protect themselves and fully realize the dangers of out-of-date software. It’s getting easier all the time to create malware (*ahem,* WannaCry, Petya), and even though most respectable software vendors will create and distribute patches quickly to address known vulnerabilities, there’s a clear way to exploit systems until you update them with the patch: It’s a fairly simple Google search to find these, and the aftereffects aren’t pretty.

Take a look at the products 1E will demo and showcase at Ignite:

  • 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite (WSS) leverages Microsoft management technologies to provide end-to-end automation. All your endpoints can be kept current and patched, this includes migrating to Windows 10 and the latest versions of applications. Some of the additional benefits include responding to employee requests much faster, paying only for software you are using and significantly reduced support costs.
  • 1E’s Tachyon provides the fastest query and remediation capability in the industry. Cyber-attacks will happen, but your ability to respond while an attack is happening is essential to limiting its damage. Tachyon runs on almost all endpoints and servers, whether they are in the office or at a Starbucks, and it can respond to threats to a million devices in a few seconds.
  • 1E’s AppClarity provides detailed visibility and control of your software estate. It further builds on 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite capabilities to provide  business intelligence-driven reporting, visibility into your contracts and software deployments, and interactive removal of unused software.

With this trio of products, your systems will get current ad #StayCurrent. Start thinking bigger picture: Would you rather take a portion of time to update now, or would you rather spend money, waste time and resources, and potentially have to start from scratch after your infrastructure gets infected?

Visit us at booth #1135 at Microsoft Ignite from September 25-29. We can’t wait to talk to you.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 6.52.36 AMMandy Fisher is the Digital Marketing Manager at 1E. She is a journalist, actor, and content creator. She has been seen on Broadway, in magazines like Real Simple, as well as sites like Mashable, USA Today, and Forbes. Photos and videos are all her own. She lives in New York City and drinks too much coffee.




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