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Webinar: Open Your Own Enterprise App Store

Date: September 13, 2012

Time: North America: 10 am CT | United Kingdom: 4:00 pm BST

Duration: 60 minutes

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The helpdesk can become a bottleneck with increasing demands for software and hardware requests. This is why IT organizations around the world are opening up enterprise app stores to make it faster, easier and more economical for their business users to get the applications they need.

Register to hear how Flexera Software App Portal can help you create an easy to understand self-service environment for your organization. And how Chrysler Corporation uses App Portal to:

  • Meet enterprise demands for faster, easier access to software, hardware and services
  • Reduce help desk and other IT costs by eliminating manual fulfillment of routine software and hardware requests
  • Integrate with an existing ticketing system for end-to-end request management
  • Deploy new software across the enterprise
  • Enhance compliance with licensing contract terms and regulatory requirements

Many organizations, such as Chrysler, are turning to Flexera Software to help them implement this innovative self-service model. Register today to hear more!



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