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Want to go to MMS 2012 but couldn’t get a ticket?

We’ve been holding out on you.

Nah…just kidding. Due to our involvement with MMS 2012, we are allotted a few special MMS invites.  Over the past few weeks we’ve been watching the community to identify folks who would still be able to go to MMS 2012 but just weren’t quick enough to get a ticket before it sold out.  We are pretty sure we have identified everyone at this point, but, we could be missing someone.

So, it’s time to announce that we have about 10 tickets left, and if you want to attend MMS 2012, despite the news that the event is sold out, we can give you a special code that will allow you to sign-up.  Of course, you will still pay need to pay for your conference (at Early Bird pricing, btw), have to pay your airfare, and also book your hotel – but, at least you are ensured a trip to MMS 2012!

Drop us a note to if you still need a ticket.

Hurry…these last tickets will go fast.

UPDATE:  The allotment has now been used up!

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