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VMware source code leaked!

I’ve seen a bunch of posts since MMS 2012 where industry folks have scoffed at the notion that Microsoft *could* overtake VMware, as it was pronounced during the conference.  One Twitter comment even, during Brad Anderson’s the Day 2 keynote, made me chuckle, but also kind of put the whole thing into perspective for me.  Remember, Brad Anderson was looking extremely buff on stage like he had just walked off a pump session on the bench press machine backstage, AND Brad was sporting a brand new, Mexican tan.  Also, it played to the upcoming Avengers movie trailer.

The Tweet is as follows

VMware:  “We have an army”

Microsoft: “We have a Brad”

So, it’s interested to learn today that VMware’s source code has been leaked.  Betanews titled their coverage as “VMware source code leak: ‘IT equivalent of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill”.  It’s worth a read.

But, how many companies have had source code stolen or leaked recently, and how have they fared after the fact.  Not well.  Unless VMware handles this correctly, this could a slow volley into Microsoft’s Hypervisor court.

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