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Virgin Media Business Broadband and Fixed\Static IP

In the UK, it would seem that internet service providers are using Fixed\Static IP addresses as a cash cow to milk small business’s.

To find out, I had to endure several on-holds, transfers with music tracks and a short conversation before I was informed that if I wanted a Fixed\Static IP address with their Virgin Media Business Broadband package then I’d have to downgrade from what I have now, to 10Mb. After acting like a stunned fish repeatedly saying 10Mb, wow, 10Mb, I pulled it back and prompted the operator if that would change, it was hinted at that 30Mb and 50Mb packages are on the way in a matter of “months”, nothing firm at all. I didn’t hang around long enough to hear the price of this “unlisted” and very special package. Click. I should have, so I could have marvelled at it some more, and used it to form a guestimate on what the beefed up packages were likely to cost on arrival.

Out of curiosity I had a look at BT, I don’t want to switch to them, but as a last resort. Their equivalent offering is £30.20 a month + £99 installation fee with the option to buy a Fixed\Static IP address for £5. When I checked out their ordering system, punching in my postcode it spat this out




Great! I can go from 20Mb on my current package, to 10Mb on Virgin Business, or go even further down to 6Mb and make the line easily congestible. Terrible business experience if you do more than check emails and surf the web, obviously not a usable package for anything more.

So I guess I’ll have to wait until these Virgin Media business packages mature a bit, see what the price of the 30Mb/50Mb packages are when they show, but sure am disappointed that I get Pariah status for choosing a Fixed\Static IP address on the business packages when they have 100Mb packages (Biz+) at great prices using the same hardware end to end. The difference between the packages is, well, remarkable.

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