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Patch Management / Windows 10

UsoClient Command-line Scan Options

For Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, Microsoft changed the Windows Update scan command-line utility from wuauclt to UsoClient.exe.

The “c:\windows\system32\UsoClient.exe startscan” command is the equivalent of the “wuaulctl /detectnow” command most patching administrators were familiar with.

But what other command line options are available? Its difficult to know since UsoClient.exe doesn’t have a /? or /help command and running it by itself (without a command-line option) produces nothing.

Here’s what’s known so far…

  • RefreshSettings – used to quickly enact any settings changes
  • RestartDevice – as the name implies, it restarts the device. Can be used in a script to allow updates to finish installing on next boot.
  • ResumeUpdate – used to tell the tool to resume updating after a reboot.
  • StartDownload – initiates a full download (from Microsoft) of existing updates
  • StartInstall – kicks-off the installation of the downloaded updates
  • ScanInstallWait – Combined Scan Download Install
  • StartInteractiveScan – we’ve yet to get this one to work, but it suggests that the process may work in a GUI
  • StartScan – kicks-off a regular scan


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