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Using your Configuration Manager data to Populate your Companies CMDB

As Users of this forum will know System Center Configuration Manager captures a massive amount of Asset data about the devices it has installed Agents onto.

This is exactly the sort of data companies want to record in their CMDB but there has been no easy way to extract that data and use it.  So companies have resorted to the traditional methods of manually entering the data or purchase an Asset Discovery engine which can populate your CMDB.  Both solutions invariably mean the data in the CMDB bears no relationship to what you see in your management tools which just confuses the operations staff.

The ideal solution to CMDB population and management is to use the Asset data discovered by your System Center Management tools to populate your CMDB.  This insures the data in your CMDB is the same as that seen by the Management tools, and hence your Operations staff, and you only gather management data once.

Well now you can use your Configuration Manager data to populate your CMDB product by leveraging the Kelverion CMDB Population Solution.

This Solution enables Asset data collected by SCCM, SCOM, SCVMM and Active Directory to all be entered automatically into your CMDB via System Center 2012 Orchestrator.

This Orchestrator driven solution delivers a number of fully automated functions;

  • Populate your CMDB with all New Assets discovered by the System Center 2012 suite.
  • Automatically update your CMDB with changes to Assets discovered by the System Center 2012 suite.
  • Automatically builds Relationships between Assets as discovered and defined by the System Center 2012 suite.
  • Deletes Assets from your CMDB when you delete them from your System Center 2012 management tools.

The offering discovers all different Asset types (CI Classes) that System Center 2012 suite has created and then you configure the solution to populate your CMDB with only the data you want and none of the data you don’t.

This low cost solution saves customers months of Runbook design and development activity while still enabling customisation to meet your specific tool and process requirements.

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