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AI / Alexa

Use Alexa to Control Your PC or Tablet

Though a pioneer in the voice AI area, Microsoft’s Cortana is having a tough time gaining traction, even with the personal assistant being front and center on Windows 10 PCs. Amazon’s Alexa is turning out to be the bell of the ball, and many Alexa device owners are already wanting to see the next step in Alexa’s evolution by allowing her to control even Windows 10 PCs.

A new Alexa skill and web service could heat up the battle for supremacy on Windows 10 PCs, pitting Alexa and Cortana in direct competition. Microsoft continues to develop Cortana for cross-platform use, delivering AI features for Android and iOS. And, while Alexa is behind in the cross-platform uptake, Alexa device customers are starting to demand it.

A new Alexa skill called Whiz Screen gives a hint into some of the capabilities that are possible now with Alexa and helps instigate ideas around what Alexa might be able to do in the future.

Whiz Screen is a web browser-based service. After loading the skill on an Alexa device and connecting the Alexa account to the Whiz Screen service, you can solicit Alexa to make adjustments on a PC that is running the Whiz Screen web service or the Whiz Screen mobile app. You can also connect multiple PCs to the service so Alexa can control multiple screens throughout your home or business.

You can have Alexa do things like:

  • “Alexa, ask WhizScreen to change to page clock”
  • “Alexa, ask WhizScreen to set a timer for 5 minutes”
  • “Alexa, ask WhizScreen to send a message to the living room”

Whiz Screen’s capabilities are somewhat limited right now, but more features are on the way. Even in its current form, there’s some potential for real use cases.


To get started, you need the Alexa skill and at least one method of displaying WhizScreen content. The web app works great with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.

Alexa Skill: Whiz Screen

Web app:

Google Play: WhizScreen

iTunes: WhizScreen

Amazon apps: WhizScreen

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