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Updating Group Policy Central Store

In this blog we will go through the  process of updating the group policy central store to the latest version of the .admx/.adml files. I see organizations all the time that don’t have the latest updated GPO files. I updated my orgs GPO store and decided to document it for others that may have outdated files also. So if you follow the steps below you should be updated with “0” issues after…


1. Navigate to:


2. Click download and download the MSI file to your PC

3. Install the MSI package

4. navigate to the extracted path

  • %Programfiles% (86)\Microsoft Group Policy\win72008r2

5. Copy folder PolicyDefinitions

6. Make a Backup of PolicyDefinitions

  • Right Click PolicyDefinitions
  • Send to
  • Compressed (zipped) folder

7. Paste Folder to location:

Additional Concerns

If you have customized ADMX files in the policy definitions folder you will need to save get these out of the backup you created… (don’t forget the .adml file that goes with you .admx file)

If your totally, 100% confortable with GPO and what your doing then it can be done anytime. Remember by default GPO refreshes every 90min.

Now for me on the other hand, I do this after hours and user specops software to push a GPUPDATE /force to all the workstations in the domain and restart the workstations about 20 min later.

Video – Group Policy Central Store Updating

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