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Update: Microsoft and Symantec Work to Give Customers a Reprieve But for This Month Only

Update: Microsoft and Symantec Work to Give Customers a Reprieve But for This Month Only
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This month’s security updates for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 customers caused those that choose to use Symantec security products to not get the updates.

See: So it Begins – Microsoft Puts an Update Block in Place for Windows 7 PCs Running Symantec Software

Microsoft put in a block to keep the updates from delivering to the affected systems, but that block has now been lifted, according to an update to Symantec’s support document on this issue.

See: Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2 updates that are only SHA-2 signed are not available with Symantec Endpoint Protection installed

However, customers still need to be wary and vigilant. Windows 7 and Windows 2008 reach end of life in early 2020 and more issues like this could crop up between now and the end of support.

But, bigger still, the reprieve for receiving the updates is only temporary. Symantec plans to release a full software update in the next week or so to fully address the situation. Customers will need to update their software to continue to receive updates on old systems.

According to one source: “…a new SEP Client will be released 8/22. It will be for 14.2 MP1 and 14.2 RU1 MP1 only. There will be no update for 12.x. In other words, if you don’t upgrade your 12.x clients to 14.2, they will not receive Windows Updates.

Incidentally, Symantec has been a bit slow to support SHA-2 Code Signing. Microsoft has provided a timeline for the requirement:

2019 SHA-2 Code Signing Support requirement for Windows and WSUS

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