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Twitter Army for MMS 2013–all the info

We’re a week away from MMS 2013!  And, that means many of you are preparing to join the 2013 edition of the Twitter Army to not only help promote the conference over social media, but also to have the chance to win prizes!  Here’s all the information you need to join in and share your week’s fun with the world.

Twitter Army Kick-off

The Twitter Army is a fun way to help others at the event get the most out of MMS and connect with those who cannot attend but still want to be part of the community fun and event happenings. We will gather your Twitter handles during the kick-off meeting, so we can effectively track your participation for special prizes!

To join the MMS 2013 Twitter Army, meet us:

Sunday, April 7 at 5 p.m., Mandalay Bay Foyer – Alcove

Twitter Army pre-registration

We fully understand that some folks will not arrive until Monday the 8th, but would still like to participate in the Twitter Army for MMS 2013 and be included to win the week’s prizes.  For this reason, we’ve put together the following pre-registration form so those that cannot attend the kickoff on Sunday night can still participate.  If you are able to attend the kickoff meeting we will have ways to signup onsite.

Sign up here:  Twitter Army at MMS 2013 pre-registration

Twitter Army Prizes!

Here’s the list of prizes for this year’s event!

How to Participate Using Twitter?

We wouldn’t want you to feel like you’re off on your own to figure this Twitter Army thing out, particularly if you can’t make the Sunday night kick-off.  So, we’ve created the official Twitter Army Guide for MMS 2013 that you can download to get familiar with how this all works.

Grab the guide: Official Twitter Army guide for MMS 2013

How do other people know I’m a Twitter Army member?

We’ve updated the Twitter Army badge a bit for MMS 2013 with a new graphic.  As you can see, we’ve left plenty of room for you to write-in your Twitter handle so other attendees will know immediately that you’re a Twitter Army member.  Vendors also know to be on the look-out for you, so don’t be surprised if they treat you extra special, hoping you’ll Tweet about them and their solutions.  Wearing this badge, with your Twitter handle written in, is also a great way to put Twitter handles you see on Twitter all the time with the actual people they belong to.

Sample MMS 2013 Twitter Army - Copy_thumb[1]


More questions?  Drop us a note in the comments.

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