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Transform SCCM to Speed and Simplify Software Deployments

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) reliably helps companies keep their endpoints current, properly configured and secure. The Adaptiva OneSite content distribution engine is commonly known as the fastest way to distribute Windows 10 across the SCCM enterprise. However, OneSite also brings stunning enhancements in the areas of infrastructure reduction, speed and automation.

Adaptiva’s SCCM-transforming technology has been delivering significant ROI to the Fortune 500 for years. Its peer-to-peer content sharing technology speeds and simplifies software deployments and dramatically reduces the costs of SCCM ownership.

In this blog, we provide a side by side comparison to show you at a glance just how much power OneSite’s peer-to-peer technology adds to SCCM. It accelerates and simplifies software deployments and dramatically reduces the costs of SCCM ownership.

Infrastructure Reduction

Companies with multiple locations that use SCCM today often have to add costly infrastructure across their organization. OneSite uses clients, not servers, to eliminate that expensive architecture and the time required to deploy it. Remarkably, it also improves the level of service provided at each location.


Delivering Windows 10, software and updates over a company WAN to hundreds of locations can be impractically slow and, sometimes, impossible. OneSite substantially speeds delivery and reliability with several proprietary technologies not available in SCCM.


SCCM system administrators are highly skilled individuals who play a huge role in their organization’s success by keeping endpoints running perfectly. However, they are often stretched to keep up with the high demand for services. OneSite automates countless content distribution operations, eliminating many repetitive tasks and shrinking numerous others to a fraction of the time they used to take.

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SCCM dominates the enterprise market for endpoint management because it’s a powerful tool that gets the job done reliably on a large scale. OneSite has been widely adopted by the Fortune 500 partly because it significantly reduces the cost and time to deploy and operate SCCM. Mainly, though, companies run OneSite with SCCM because it simplifies infrastructure, increases the speed of operations and reduces administrator workload.

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Bill Bernat is the director of product marketing at Adaptiva.

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Founded in 2004 by the lead architect of Microsoft SMS 2003, Adaptiva has grown into one of the premier providers of IT systems management solutions. Adaptiva solutions leverage existing IT resources to enhance the operation of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) without disrupting service to end-users. Adaptiva has sold over 3,000,000 seats of software deployed in more than 100 countries. A Microsoft Gold Partner, Adaptiva conquers the complexity of IT by streamlining operations, extending the functionality of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and rapidly improving ROI on existing systems. Adaptiva provides easy to use software that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SCCM to help you better manage your IT while reducing the total cost of ownership.

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