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Patch Management / Patch Tuesday / Windows 10

Tracking: Windows 10 1809 Issues Post Re-release

Tracking: Windows 10 1809 Issues Post Re-release

After delivering a wordy explanation of how Windows Servicing is supposed to work now (yet it somehow still failed), users are already starting to report bugs in the Windows 10 1809 version that Microsoft chose to re-release today.

Here’s what we’ve heard so far…

Notifications (this has been a continuing bug not yet fixed despite a 6 week retool) – Notifications don’t appear in the Notification Center when they should. The taskbar will even show that you have notifications by the number on the notifications icon, but that’s it.

Dell XPS 12 touchpad (did Microsoft forget to include its partners in this renewed rollout?) – Multi-touch scrolling on the Dell XPS 12 touchpad no longer works since the CU was applied. 

Intel Display Driver missing after installation – For some hardware, drivers are still not available from the OEM, despite a 6-week hiatus for Windows 10 1809.

Installation gets to 15% but then reboots without upgrading – Windows 10 1809 seems to be failing to install on some devices.

Windows 10 1809 creates a new disk partition during installation – this is really just an FYI for those wondering why there’s a new partition created after installation. Apparently, this is a thing now.

Windows 1809 Update is resetting at reboot – Another instance where Windows 10 1809 seems to install, but then doesn’t.

Hearing or experiencing anything else? Let us know.


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