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Patch Management / Patch Tuesday / Windows Server

Tracking: KB4088875 and VMXNET3

Tracking: KB4088875 and VMXNET3

UPDATE March 15, 2018, 10:00AM EST: Microsoft has now pulled this update. See: Microsoft Has Pulled KB4088875 to Save Customers Further Pain

Original article…

A long thread on Reddit today is just the tip of the iceberg of reports of updates from this month’s Patch Tuesday causing issues with VMWare. Others have reported that this is not the first time updates have caused issues with virtual machines.

According to today’s reports, though, it appears that KB4088875 is either creating duplicate vmxnet3 adapters or new Ethernet virtual Network Interface Cards (vNIC) may be created with default settings in place of the previously existing vNIC.

Some have directed to Known issue 1 in KB3125574 for guidance on how to fix it. There’s a VB Script included that can be run to resolve the network problems.

We’re following this one, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Its possible that this issue isn’t as new as reports might think. According to a VMware doc (DOC ID 1020078), this issue has been around since 2010, at least. The VMware doc provides links to hotfixes and several workarounds.


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