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Top 5 myITforum community Commenters in 2011

Since implementing 3.0, folks have really started “getting into” providing feedback through comments on articles and related content.  The new version of goes a long way to helping folks get involved – even without having to provide technical content through articles and blogs.  With the switch flipped its great to see folks participating in this way, and we look forward to even more in 2012!

Here’s the top 5 list of 2011’s community commenters:

  1. Roger Truss
  2. Henry E. Wilson
  3. Victor Rodrigues
  4. Anoop C Nair
  5. Reed Porter


BTW: Did you know that you get “community points” for commenting on myITforum? This will play a huge part in 2012 here at the System Center community, as we roll out some unique contests based on your accumulated points.

Here’s how to get points: Community Point System

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