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Chromebook / ChromeOS

Tip: Working with Multiple Apps in Split-screen Mode on a ChromeOS Tablet

Tip: Working with Multiple Apps in Split-screen Mode on a ChromeOS Tablet

Those that used Windows 8 when originally released realize that Microsoft had actually gotten “tablet mode” right. Amid all the public hatred toward the revamped and reimagined Windows through the new tiles interface, the company moved on and created what many described as an apology version of Windows when Windows 10 arrived. When the company moved forward with Windows 10 it moved away from tablet mode. There’s no argument that Windows 10 today provides a horrible tablet experience, despite Microsoft’s “tablet” Surface series experiencing strong revenue growth.

The lack of focus on providing a solid tablet mode for Windows 10 has left the door open for other vendors, and this is one area where Google is moving forward with ChromeOS. In fact, the split-screen tablet mode of ChromeOS Stable Build 70 and better works almost exactly like what users were familiar with in Windows 8 except Google chose finger-friendly circles for icons and folders instead of battery-chewing active tiles.

And, just like Windows 8 used to work for running multiple apps side-by-side, you can split two apps on a ChromeOS device in tablet mode like this…

[1] Open a single app or window and then tap and drag the window down from the top of the screen until the screen changes.

You’ll see a message on either side of the screen that says, “Drag here to use split screen.

[2] Drag the open window to the right or left side of the screen and drop it there.

[3] Now, when you open a new app or window, it will snap in place into the open spot. And, if you already have multiple apps or windows open, they’ll be presented so you can choose which one to put into the open spot.



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