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Patch Management / Patch Tuesday / Windows

Tip: Windows Servicing – What Releases When

Tip: Windows Servicing – What Releases When

Microsoft regularly delivers updates outside of its servicing model, but its intent is to adhere to the following regimen.

For a regular cadence expectation, the following is what will be delivered each month:

Security-only quality update – Releases on Patch Tuesday, i.e., the second Tuesday of each month.

Security monthly quality rollup – Also releases on Patch Tuesday, i.e., the second Tuesday of each month.

Preview of the next month’s quality rollup – Releases on the third Tuesday of the month. This “preview” is exactly as the name suggests.  It contains those non-security fixes that will be included in the next monthly rollup.

In addition to these intended updates, Microsoft can deliver new updates outside of this regimen usually to solve problems introduced by the regularly scheduled Security-only and Security Monthly updates.

Additionally, Microsoft Office non-security updates are generally delivered during the first week of each month (also usually on a Tuesday).


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