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Tip: Viewing and Customizing the Data Google Assistant Collects

Tip: Viewing and Customizing the Data Google Assistant Collects
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All voice assistants and smart speakers capture user data to ensure that the service is tailored to a more personal experience. But, they all also provide logs and customization settings so you can view what’s been captured and then modify the type and amount of information that’s collected.

Google does this with its Google Assistant. And, now that the company has rolled out Google Assistant to all supported Chromebooks, it’s more important than ever to get a handle on the information that’s being collected.

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For ChromeOS/Chromebook users, these links can also be found in the Google Assistant settings, which can be accessed by going to  Search and Assistant area in ChromeOS Settings, and then into the Google Assistant area to tap or click the Google Assistant settings option.

For future reference and quick access, here are the direct web links associated with these options:

My Activity: – The data that is collected based on your Activity Controls settings.

Activity Controls: – Choose which settings you want to save data in your Google Account.

These aren’t ChromeOS specific and can be used with any Google Assistant-enable device.

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