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Tip: Verifying the Echo Device Has the Latest Firmware Installed

Tip: Verifying the Echo Device Has the Latest Firmware Installed

It happens quite often where someone talks online about a nifty new Alexa capability they discovered and then several readers respond that they don’t have that same feature. This is usually due to a couple things.

  1. The feature isn’t available to the geographical region. Amazon usually rolls out features to the U.S. first and then begins delivering to other countries/regions later on.
  2. Amazon is just starting to roll out the feature and the update hasn’t reached the particular devices yet. Amazon fans out the updates to ensure full coverage but also to minimize Internet bandwidth usage.
  3. More often, though, is that the devices simply haven’t updated to the latest firmware.


Forcing a firmware update for an Echo device is pretty simple. You simply pull the power plug, wait about 20 seconds, and then power the device back on. This causes the Echo device to check for updates from Amazon as it connects to the cloud and initializes.

However, what if you want to verify that your Echo device has the latest firmware installed? Do this…

1. In the Alexa mobile app, go into the Settings menu, then to Alexa Devices.

2. Choose the specific device you want to verify and open it in the app, then scroll down and select the About menu option. This will show you the installed Device Software Version of the device.

3. Now, compare the installed version with the list Amazon keeps on its web site of the most current device software revisions: Alexa Device Software Updates

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