Tip: Using the Keyboard to Launch Shelf Apps in ChromeOS

Most ChromeOS users stick their most commonly accessed apps on the Shelf at the bottom of the screen. Did you know you can quickly launch any of these apps using the keyboard?

Each app pinned to the Shelf is assigned a silent “number” – from left to right.

For example, on the following Shelf, there are 14 pinned apps.

The keyboard shortcut to launch an app is Alt-<number>. So, based on the image, if you wanted to launch Amazon Music, you’d press:


But, there’s also a quirk (bug). If you have more than 9 pinned apps, ChromeOS works for the first 8, but then assigns the number ‘9’ to the very last app pinned on the Shelf. It essentially skips numbering apps beyond ‘9’. Its possible Google never envisioned anyone needing more than a few apps at hand.