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Chromebook / ChromeOS

Tip: Using Bookmark Folders on ChromeOS to Save and Open Sets of Pages

Tip: Using Bookmark Folders on ChromeOS to Save and Open Sets of Pages

Bookmark folders are a great to way to either retain a set of pages that you access frequently or to save pages you haven’t yet read until a later time.

In the following example, the Bookmark folder is used as a Startup to open the pages that are accessed frequently.

The self-created Startup bookmark folder resides on the Bookmark bar at the top of the Chrome browser for easy access.

Now when you want to open the common set of pages, just right-click the bookmark folder and choose the option to open all the pages that reside inside the folder.

Note that you can open a series of pages everytime you open the Chrome browser using the option in Settings.

But, then again, you may not want to open these pages on every startup, so the Bookmark Folder option might be a better choice.

Another great use of this is to save pages to view later. For example, say you’ve opened a bunch of pages for research purposes but you’ve run out of time. Right-click in the tab area and choose to “Bookmark all tabs…” and then save them into a new Bookmark folder.

Now, when you’re ready to go back to your research, you can either open each bookmark individually or use the same “Open all…” option as before.


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