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Tip: Use Alexa to Control Your Computer

Tip: Use Alexa to Control Your Computer

Many industry PC manufacturers are adding Alexa capability to their computers. However, this is only obtainable right now by purchasing a new computer. Both Microsoft and Amazon have promised to bring Alexa capability directly to existing PCs, but that’s not happened yet and the timeline for it happening isn’t public. So, while many wait for Alexa capability to come to Windows PCs, you can actually combine a new skill and computer add-on will give you the ability to control certain functions of your computer using Alexa voice commands.

Called Vicki, here’s some examples of things you can do with this new solution:

  1. Play music on your computer and control it through Alexa.
  2. Start a game or app before you get to your desk.
  3. Shutdown the computer from the comfort of your bed.
  4. Run a PowerPoint presentation and have Alexa change the slides for you.
  5. Have Alexa read aloud an article from a web page while you walk away from the screen.
  6. Lock your computer before someone else messes with it.
  7. Open that recipe you have bookmarked while you are in the middle of cooking.
  8. Navigate the Internet hands free because your hands are occupied.
  9. Dictate your next bestseller and have Alexa scribe it for you.
  10. Level up your routine by voice activating it through Alexa.


To begin using this solution, you must first install the Vicki skill. Then, you can install a special add-on onto your PC (this part is optional – but required to control more than just your web browser). And, last, install a Chrome-based web browser extension.

Where to get the skill: You can locate the Vicki Skill in the Amazon Alexa app, enable it using your voice, or use the following web link: Vicki

Where to get the PC add-on from here: PC add-on for Vicki

Where to get the web browser extension: Chrome extension for Vicki

Vicki functionality is extended through VickiScripts. There are a number of scripts available already to give Vicki the base functionality, but anyone can generate their own VickiScripts to extend capabilities. New scripts created by others can also be installed to immediately add that new functionality to the current Vicki installation.

Once you have the web browser extension installed, you can tap or click the Vicki icon to get access to the scripts page where you can generate your own or install those that are currently available.

This is also the location where you can review all the current capabilities of Vicki.



Developer Guide:

Vicki’s main web site:

Vicki on GitHub:

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