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Chromebook / ChromeOS / Fire Tablet / Fire TV

Tip: Sideloading Fire TV Apps Directly from a Chromebook

Tip: Sideloading Fire TV Apps Directly from a Chromebook

Getting Android apps installed on your Fire TV device is usually a convoluted process. It usually requires you to install a download app on the Fire TV device and then know the full URL to the Android app’s apk.

With the ability for ChromeOS devices to install and load Android apps, the process for sideloading Fire TV apps becomes a lot easier. Essentially, any Android app that you can install on the ChromeOS device can be used to install on the Fire TV device. Not everything will work there, of course, but for apps like the Spectrum TV app, it’s an easy way to get it there.

Incidentally, Spectrum has been horribly slow at developing a supported app for Fire TV, however, except for a few minor screen issues, it works fine.

The app to install on your ChromeOS device is Apps2Fire.

Apps2Fire provides an easy interface for locating and then transferring and installing apps that are installed locally on the ChromeOS device.

To make it work, you first need to prepare the Fire TV device by enabling both debugging and allowing apps from unknown sources, as shown in the image…

You also need to give Apps2Fire the IP address of your Fire TV device. This can be found going into Settings – My Fire TV – Network.

Once you have the Fire TV device’s IP address, enter it into the Setup area of Apps2Fire.

Now, with your ChromeOS device connected to your Fire TV device, you can select any installed Android apps to transfer and install.

App2Fire has a slew of other features you’ll want to check out. It does much more than just make app sideloading easier. Here are a few additional features:

– Push apps from the mobile to the Fire TV
– Launch apps on the Fire TV
– Download apps from the Fire TV to your mobile
– Uninstall apps from the Fire TV
– Upload files (.apk, .jpg, .mp4,…) from your sd card to the Fire TV
– Rename files on Fire TV’s sd card
– Make Screenshots from Fire TV screen
– Scanner for devices
– Pause and restart fire tv

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