Tip: Sharing Your Alexa Blueprints Skills with Others

About 2 months ago, Amazon unveiled a new service that allows Alexa owners to generate personal skills. Called, Alexa Blueprints, the service provides wizard-based templates to allow easy and quick creation of Alexa functionality that is useful for an Echo device tenant. Amazon has now provided the ability for those self-created skills to be shared with others through email, text, or as a social media post. Once the skill has been shared, those that want to utilize it will be prompted to add the skill to their own devices.

How to do it:

  1. At the Alexa Skill Blueprints site (https://blueprints.amazon.com), go to the Skills You’ve Made page and select a skill.
  2. Under Access, the status of your skill will automatically be set to Just me.
  3. In the Skill Actions section, select the Share With Others link.
  4. You can choose to share a link to your skill via email, text, or as a social media post. After you share your link, your skill’s Access will be set to Shared.
(tap or click for larger view)


Here’s an example of the email that someone will receive…

(tap or click for a larger view)

And, despite the method of sharing you choose, the supplied link will open a page similar to the following…

(tap or click for a larger view)

The skill is automatically enabled for your devices just by clicking the link and reaching the resulting page.

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