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Tip: Setting the TV Provider for Alexa

Tip: Setting the TV Provider for Alexa

Amazon has added a feature for Alexa so that you can ask the voice assistant about TV programming in your local area. If you’re a cord-cutter, you might think this option isn’t valuable for you, but it its actually more valuable than you think. Cord-cutters tend to either pick up local programming over-the-air (OTA), or through a TV streaming service like Hulu. The value for this feature for OTA users is easily understandable, but its also valuable for streaming providers as services, like Hulu, still provide local channel coverage. And, even though you might stream the shows later, it gives you a good indication of what’s coming or what you might be able to watch at a later time.

To set your TV Provider…

[1] In the Settings area of either the Alexa mobile app or the Alexa web app, locate and access the TV Schedules option in the settings list.

[2] Inside the TV Schedules menu tap or click to choose your TV Provider.

Now, you can just ask Alexa “What’s on TV tonight?” and she’ll deliver a few highlights and then ask if you’d like more information. If you say “yes” she’ll read more of the programming.

If you have a screen-enabled Alexa device, the screen shows Alexa’s findings.

The screen output isn’t great, but this is currently early stages for this feature.

The feature utilizes the location information you’ve set in the Alexa app to configure your TV Provider’s local programming correctly.


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