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Chromebook / ChromeOS

Tip: Running Windows Apps on ChromeOS

Tip: Running Windows Apps on ChromeOS

We’ve been testing the benefits and virtues of being Windows-free over the past couple of months. When ChromeOS and Chromebooks original released, the platform left a lot to be desired. But in a very short period of time, ChromeOS has become a very stiff competitor for Windows 10. Throw in all the recent problems with Windows 10 quality and builds, and drastically better ChromeOS hardware and ChromeOS has become the high ground in the tsunami of Windows problems. We’ll be writing up a complete series on the switch soon so stay tuned for that. The results will definitely surprise you. Essentially, the only reason to run Windows 10 now is choice, not because ChromeOS is missing anything.

ChromeOS has recently gained the ability to install and run Android apps from the Google Play store and also the capability of installing and running Linux apps. But, there’s also rumor that ChromeOS could also tie directly into the Windows UWP app base and allow Chromebook users to run Windows 10 apps natively.

Still, there are those that would like to run Windows apps now. In our series, we’ll go over the very rare cases when you might actually still need a Windows app, but for now, there’s an application that allows ChromeOS users to run Windows legacy apps.

Called Crossover, the app creates a virtual environment to install and run Windows legacy applications natively. The app itself already knows about hundreds of Windows application installations through its built-in database. You simply need to search for what you’re looking to install and it will pull up the list of what it knows.

And, if it doesn’t locate what you want, you can install downloaded application installations from local storage.

Once the installation is complete, the icon for the application shows up in your list of ChromeOS applications like anything else. And when you choose to run the newly installed application, Crossover runs in the background as the container within which the applications runs.

Read about Crossover here:

Get it in the Google Play store:


There are also Crossover versions for Linux and MacOS, so you can install and run Windows applications on those platforms, too.

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