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Tip: Run Gmail Offline on ChromeOS

Tip: Run Gmail Offline on ChromeOS
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Chromebooks are intended to be used with an Internet connection – at least that’s how it all started. As time has progressed, though, and as ChromeOS has started becoming a more viable alternative to Windows, there are more and more apps and options for using a Chromebook offline.

Did you know that Gmail also offers the ability to be used offline? When you turn on offline use for the Gmail website, you can still access your inbox without a connection.

To do it…

Open the Gmail website.

Go to Settings – Offline and enable offline email.

There’s a couple of choices you need to make like how long to store emails, if attachments should be downloaded, and what to do with offline data files, but you’ll be able to use Gmail without an Internet connection. This is a good option for traveling when an Internet connection is spotty.

Incidentally, this tip works for any device including Mac and Windows. It’s not just a ChromeOS feature.

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