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Chromebook / Windows 10

Tip: Resources for Sourcing a Chromebook to Replace Your Windows PC

Tip: Resources for Sourcing a Chromebook to Replace Your Windows PC

As a test based on a dare, we’ve been researching if a Chromebook really can replace a Windows 10 PC. Sadly, the tests have been pretty successful. We’ll have a series written up soon that covers the nuts and bolts of how easy it is to replace Windows 10 functionality with Google’s ChromeOS.

During our research, we’ve happened upon a couple excellent and critical resources for determining the right hardware for your personal requirements – in the event you want to start down your own path before we complete the written series.

First off, there’s the Starry Hope Chromebook interactive comparison page:

Chromebook Comparison and 2018 Buyer’s Guide

Using this resource, you can sort through the currently available Chromebook hardware using hardware specs and features as a filter. And, then once you locate the different models that fit your requirements, you can create a comparison list. This is an extremely handy resource and should be your first stop before seeking out Chromebook hardware. The page also provides a very concise and informative guide to the Chromebook and ChromeOS world and gives prescriptive advice to help you determine your own requirements. The last thing you want to do when selecting a Chromebook after running a Windows device is to select something underpowered and under-featured that will diminish the experience.

The second place to visit is the Google Auto Update Policy page for Chromebooks.

Auto Update policy

This page is critically important. Once you’ve used the Starry Hope page to identify a couple Chromebook models you might like, you can locate those on the Google page to determine each device’s supportability, i.e., how long will Google support the hardware with updates. Make sure you choose a Chromebook that still has a couple years of update life left. You don’t want to buy a new Chromebook only to find out ChromeOS will stop updating next year, or the lifecycle is already passed.


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