Tip: Tool to Remove Backgrounds in Images on ChromeOS

There are a number of options for working with images on ChromeOS. Some of those are actually Android apps installed from the Google Play Store. However, a recent entry may actually prove to be the best option for the most important reason of all – its automatic.

The site is: https://www.remove.bg/

The site isn’t a PWA, but you can still run it as an app on ChromeOS by using this tip: Turn Any Website into a PWA on ChromeOS

Using the tool is easy. You simply upload the image to the site and presto-changeo, the background of the image is removed automatically. You can then save the prepared image (without the background) locally as a PNG file. Note that this only works on images that have people in them.

This is a great tool to add to our growing list of graphics app favorites for ChromeOS.


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