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Microsoft Surface

Tip: Reimage and Recover a Surface Hub

Tip: Reimage and Recover a Surface Hub
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Bad things can happen. And, when bad things happen to a Microsoft Surface Hub, there’s are tools available to help get it back to working order.

Download: Surface Hub Tools for IT

This download contains the Microsoft Surface Hub Recovery Tool and the Surface Hub Replacement PC drivers.

The Surface Hub Recovery Tool helps you re-image your Surface Hub Solid State Drives (SSD) using a Windows 10 desktop device without a need for calling for support or replacing the SSD itself. With this tool, you can reimage an SSD that has an unknown Administrator password, boot errors, was unable to complete a cloud recovery, or for a device that has an older version of the OS.

Us the Recovery Tool in conjunction with the Surface Hub Admin Guide

The Surface Hub Replacement PC driver set is available for those customers who have chosen to disable the Surface Hub’s internal PC and use an external computer with their 84” or 55” Surface Hub.

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