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Tip: Manually Downloading and Installing Fire Tablet Updates

Tip: Manually Downloading and Installing Fire Tablet Updates

Did you know that Amazon offers file downloads for its device software to allow you to update a Fire tablet manually?

If you need to upgrade a device quickly, or are just too impatient to wait until an update reaches your device, you can run through specific steps to download the update, transfer it to your tablet through a PC or Mac, and then install it.

[1] First, download the specific software update for your Fire tablet: Fire & Kindle Software Updates

[2] Next transfer the downloaded file to your tablet. To do this you’ll need to use either the Android File Transfer tool for Macs, or Windows Media Player for PCs.

For Macs, download and install the Android File Transfer tool:

If Windows Media Player is not installed on your PC, get it here:

[3] With the appropriate tool installed, connect the tablet to your PC or Mac with the USB cable, locate the device called FIRE, and then drag the downloaded file into the Internal storage folder.

[4] Once the file has been transferred, disconnect the USB cable and start the software update on the tablet by going into Settings > Device Options > System Updates and choosing Update.

The tablet will go through the normal updating process.

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