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Tip: Make Alexa Work on Any ChromeOS Device

Tip: Make Alexa Work on Any ChromeOS Device
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Google is working to bring its digital assistant to all ChromeOS devices in the near future. However, there are many people that are invested in hardware, software, smart devices, and skills for Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem that would love the ability to choose Alexa instead.

While this tip is a just workaround and not a qualified solution, it does work wonderfully for bringing much of Alexa’s capability to ChromeOS devices.

[1] To use Alexa with a ChromeOS device, you first need to download and install the Android version of the Amazon Music app from the Google Play store. Based on this, it goes without saying that you need a ChromeOS device that supports running Android apps.

Download the app here: Amazon Music for Android

[2] When you open the Amazon Music app the first time, it will ask you to log in and then request access to your device’s microphone. Allow it to access your microphone.

[3] Now simply keep the app open in the background while you do other things. With the app running you can just treat your ChromeOS device like any other Amazon Echo device. Start your queries with Alexa and perform any normal Alexa task. This works with everything except for the Calling and Messaging feature.

NOTE: It’s important that the app is OPEN and running and not minimized. Once the app is minimized the microphone access shuts down until you open the app again, i.e., Alexa stops listening. Also, at a minimum, an Amazon Prime membership is required to use this app. It works for both Amazon Prime members and, of course, Amazon Music Unlimited customers.

P.S. Alexa also works through the Amazon Shopping app, but only when you tap or click the microphone icon in the app. So far, the Amazon Music app is the only one available that provides always-listening capability.

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