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Chromebook / ChromeOS

Tip: Locating Progressive Web Apps to Install Using Chrome

Tip: Locating Progressive Web Apps to Install Using Chrome

If you have the Chrome web browser installed on a Windows computer or running ChromeOS on compatible hardware, you may be interested in Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). More and more websites are producing PWA versions of their offerings. This means that you can visit a website and choose to “install” the website as an actual app. When you do this it creates an “app” icon and treats the website just like an application on the local computer.

Not all websites have gotten there yet. So, how do you locate ones to try out? An easy way is to use the PWA Rocks website.

Here’s a good list to get started:

P.S. Even the PWA list website can be installed as a PWA so you always have the most currently updated list to work from.

To install a PWA, once on a PWA-enabled website, just choose the “install” option on the Settings menu.

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