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Chromebook / ChromeOS

Tip: Install ChromeOS on Almost Any PC

Tip: Install ChromeOS on Almost Any PC

The days of Windows on the majority of PCs is almost over. As ChromeOS continues to improve and installation methods become easier, installing ChromeOS can breath new life into an old PC, laptop, or Windows tablet.

So, if you have old PCs sitting around that don’t meet the specs for some of today’s modern operating systems, you can still give it life and make it run like a new computer – sometimes better performing than a new computer – thanks to Chromefy.

Chromefy is a tool that provides the ability to install the full version of ChromeOS on just about any modern PC, laptop, or Windows tablet.

The process is still a bit convoluted and not for the computer newbie.

Steps involved:

  • Install Chromium OS.
  • Resize disk partitions.
  • Download ChromeOS.
  • Install ChromeOS using terminal commands.


But, if you have some good computing skills and an old laptop, jumping through the Chromefy hoops can revitalize a computer to make a perfect holiday gift.



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