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Tip: Getting Alexa to Read Your Emails

Tip: Getting Alexa to Read Your Emails

Alexa now has the ability to read your emails to you. Prior to Amazon adding this capability you’d need to install and use a special skill.

To get it to work, you first have to set it up.

[1] In the Alexa mobile app (this doesn’t work on the Alexa web version of the app yet), go to “Settings.”

[2] Locate “Email & Calendar” and tap the “+” button to add an account. You can choose a Google or Microsoft account.

[3] Log in with your username and password.

At this point, you should also consider setting a special voice pin code for your email or anyone can have access to your emails.

Once you have this setup you can now say…

Alexa, check my email” or “Alexa, read my email

Alexa will start with your unread email messages and relay the send and title of the email. Alexa will then ask if you’d like read the full email, reply to it, archive it or delete it.

One thing to keep in mind is that, by connecting your email account to Alexa, some of your contacts and email messages are stored in the cloud to provide the service. Amazon promises that the data is encrypted and stored security – but we all know the reality of that based on headlines. Amazon says it also won’t read your email  – except in specific cases, which I assume means if law enforcement makes a request.


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