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Tip: Exposing Reddit RSS Feeds

Tip: Exposing Reddit RSS Feeds

Reddit may seem like a low-level forum site, but there’s quite a bit of good information that can be gleaned from there. And, there’s a forum for just about any topic you can dream up.

For the IT Pro or Developer, Reddit can provide a wealth of information. But, keeping up on the latest content is tough. Reddit doesn’t make it easy – especially if you want to read through the most current information. You can get a better view of current information using the RSS feeds. However, getting to the RSS feeds is another matter.

To locate any RSS feed for new content , you have to form your own link.

For example, here’s the link to the RSS feed for the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Reddit forum:

To generate the RSS link to your favorite Reddit forum, use the link example provided and just replace the aws with the Reddit forum you want to follow.


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