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Tip: Enabling the Alexa/Cortana Partnership on Windows 10

Tip: Enabling the Alexa/Cortana Partnership on Windows 10

Amazon and Microsoft have now rolled out the first iteration of the promised partnership between Cortana and Alexa. You can now enable Windows 10 PC’s and Echo devices to use the other company’s voice assistant.

To get started on your Windows 10 device with Cortana enabled, just say: “Hey, Cortana – open Alexa

This will start the process where Cortana will ask you to login to Amazon…

…then, request your permission to allow Cortana to have access to Alexa…

…and then kick off your first interaction with Alexa on a Windows 10 PC.

From now on… just say “Hey, Cortana – open Alexa” and then continue with your query.

Additionally, to allow Alexa to work with services provided by Cortana, make sure to enable those in Connected Services in the Cortana Notebook…

Want to know how to enable Cortana on Amazon Echo devices? Read this: Tip: Enabling the Alexa/Cortana Partnership on Echo Devices


Alexa is available for Amazon devices EchoEcho 2DotTapEcho SpotEcho PlusEcho ShowEcho LookEcho ConnectDash WandAmazon Cloud CamFire tablets, and Fire TVAmazon Fire TV Edition TVs, in the Music app, but also on iOS, Android, and the web with 

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