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Chromebook / ChromeOS

Tip: Enabling New Bluetooth Drivers for ChromeOS

Tip: Enabling New Bluetooth Drivers for ChromeOS

Some ChromeOS hardware can have issues with the current drivers for Bluetooth connections, which can lead to frustration. It’s not always an issue but really depends on how well the specific manufacturer put the hardware together.

If you are having Bluetooth connection problems, you can enhance it by enabling a new set of Bluetooth drivers that Google is currently testing.

To do this…

Open up the Chrome browser and type the following into the address bar:


This will expose the new – but experimental – Bluetooth driver and allow you to enable it.

Once enabled, you’ll need to restart the ChromeOS device for it to take full effect. The browser will give you an option to ‘Restart,’ but this doesn’t always work. You’ll want to take the extra effort and restart the ChromeOS device manually.

These drivers will be enabled by Default in future builds of ChromeOS.


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